Why let inactive data take up your valuable on premise storage space? Use your infrastructure more efficiently and reduce storage costs by archiving data with our secure and scalable cloud archiving solution.


Free up your primary storage and improve backup performance with our Archive as a Service

Across organizations, volumes of emails and files are skyrocketing. The challenge that most businesses are faced with is how to manage, store, access and recover large quantities of data simply and cost effectively.

Why purchase more storage and then fill it up with unstructured and inactive data. And why dedicated your IT staff’s time to performing tedious and time consuming manual archiving when their time can be better spent on projects that bring more value to your business.

Comtrade’s cloud archiving solution helps you reduce costs and simplify storage management by enabling you to archive data that is not accessed frequently in our secure data centers. By moving your inactive data offsite to Comtrade’s cloud, you will unburden your in-house resources and realize the benefits of a scalable and cost-effective archiving service.

Ideal for businesses that:

Back up large volumes of data and need to improve backup and restore performance

Need to free up primary storage space

Need to meet regulatory requirements for
data management

Want to reduce growing costs of data storage

Fully managed

Experience the benefits of a fully managed and monitored cloud archiving service. Our specialists will proactively manage your archiving processes, ensure data is archived successfully, verify data integrity and provide reports and analytics.


Choose what data you want archived, when, how often and for how long. You can easily create and update archiving policies to ensure your business is meeting regulatory compliance for data retention.

Easy to use

Create, change and manage archiving rules quickly and easily from a central location. A web-based portal enables you to monitor your data and archiving progress. It’s easy to use and requires minimal training.

Highly secure

Your archived data in Comtrade’s cloud meets the most important security requirements. Our modern data center facilities with disaster locations and built-in redundancy are ISO27001 certified and meet Tier 3 requirements.

Infinitely scalable

No matter how fast or how much your data volumes grow, you can easily expand your cloud storage without making large investments, purchasing on-site equipment or hiring additional staff.

Pay per TB

Take advantage of convenient per TB monthly pricing. When you pay only for what you use, you save more and your spending becomes predictable so you can better plan your future IT expenditures. Don’t need to archive large volumes of data? No problem. We also offer per GB packages.

Service availability guaranteed

There is no need to worry about outages or costly downtime. Your data is backed up by our strict Service Level Agreements that guaranteed 99.5% service availability.