Disaster Recovery

Protect your data and business services with an affordable, managed disaster recovery solution hosted in our cloud. There is no need to purchase redundant infrastructure and hire additional IT staff.


Protect your business with DR delivered as a service

Imagine if your IT systems suddenly stopped working. Or if you couldn’t access your business-critical applications. What if you lost thousands of valuable CRM contacts and couldn’t get them back?

The majority of businesses that don’t have disaster recovery plans never fully recover from a disaster. That’s why having a comprehensive DR plan that guarantees continuation of your vital infrastructure and systems in case of a disaster is not only good business practice – it’s absolutely critical.

Our disaster recovery is hosted in the cloud and is a perfect solution for businesses that need to protect their IT environment, but want to avoid the complications and high costs of building and maintaining a secondary physical site.

Ideal for businesses that:

Don’t want to invest into building and maintaining their own data center

Cannot afford traditional disaster recovery solutions

Are transitioning from tape or disk storage

Need to quickly deploy a disaster recovery solution

Comprehensive disaster recovery planning

We will create a disaster recovery plan that defines recovery time and recovery point objectives that match the needs of your business. We’ll define and prioritize what functionalities need to be restored and how fast, as well as outline procedures for returning your company to its operational status.

Experienced DR specialists

Our team of specialists will work closely with you to understand your business, industry regulations, workflows and day-to-day business processes so we can build a disaster recovery plan that is fully customized to the unique needs of your organization.

State-of-the-art data centers

Your vital IT infrastructure and systems are replicated in modern, purpose-built data centers with Tier 3 level designations. Our facilities are monitored around-the-clock, have 4 independent ISP fiber optic connections, physical surveillance, access control, redundant UPS system and dual-powered equipment and air conditioning.

Regulatory compliance

Ensure your organization is fully compliant with industry and government regulations for data storage, backup and disaster recovery planning. We enable you to mirror your entire production environment for disaster recovery in our data centers, so all your systems, applications and storage are protected in the event of a disaster.

Scalability to support your business growth

You can add any amount of data and IT resources. Our cloud hosted DR solution is flexible and can be quickly adapted without huge costs to your business.

Zero hardware investment, pay only for what you use

Having a secondary physical location for disaster recovery can be enormously expensive. But with DR in the cloud the savings are significant. There is no need to purchase servers, storage and networking equipment or pay for expensive data center maintenance – only a monthly service fee.