No investment in hardware. No expensive technology upgrades. No need to build and manage data centers. Gain access to the entire cloud computing infrastructure you need as a service and cut out unnecessary equipment and technical overhead costs.


Run your business from the cloud

We enable businesses to create and manage a virtual infrastructure built on world-class computing resources inside of Comtrade’s data centers. Instead of purchasing costly and bulky IT equipment, access servers, storage and networking on demand and pay only for what you use.

With Infrastructure as a Service, you won’t have to worry about recurring software updates, purchasing licenses or training and certifying your staff. You won’t have to rent expensive data center space and incur additional costs for power supply, physical security and ongoing equipment maintenance.

Comtrade experts work with you every step of the way to ensure your transition to the cloud is smooth and flawless. We will assess your IT environment, create a cloud roadmap and provide onboarding guidance to help you successfully move your business to the cloud.

Ideal for businesses that:

Want to lower operational expenditures

Need quick access to computing resources

Have to quickly and regularly scale resources

Want to reduce business carbon footprint

Customized service

Build a cloud that best fits your business, infrastructure and security needs. Choose the technology and resources – processor, memory, operating system and storage. You can easily add or scale back resources as your workload grows or shrinks during different periods.

The highest level of security

Your infrastructure is housed in modern, purpose-built data centers equipped with the highest security measures that include 24x7 surveillance and access control. We keep your servers and network completely segregated from other VM tenants so there is no possibility of security breaches.

A clear view of your infrastructure

Our easy-to-use, self-service portal gives you complete visibility into your cloud environment. Use advanced tools to monitor your servers, storage, security and network, so you can keep tabs on your infrastructure, adjust resources and troubleshoot problems.

Always available network

Comtrade delivers infrastructure built on top notch technology that’s backed by strict Service Level Agreements guaranteeing 99.9% network uptime. Our data centers are designed with fully redundant networking giving you peace of mind that your business will always be up and running.

Pay-as-you-grow pricing

Instead of investing in expensive hardware and building your own data center, pay a monthly fee for servers, network and storage services based on usage. We offer different contract options to match the needs of small, medium and enterprise businesses.

Exceptional support

Getting help should be quick and headache free. That’s why we ensure that every question and issue is resolved promptly, completely and to your satisfaction. Our certified experts are available to provide support 24x7x365 over telephone or email.

Regulatory compliance

Our cloud backup service was designed with the highest level of reliability and redundancy in mind. During the backup process, your data is replicated across our geographically separate data center locations ensuring enterprise-grade protection for your most valuable asset.