Keep your IT infrastructure up and running at all times with our cost-effective and flexible monitoring service delivered in the cloud.


Simple and reliable monitoring in the cloud

Without in-depth insights into the state of your apps and infrastructure, ensuring business continuity and managing your IT resources can be a challenge. Are you seeking to optimize resource consumption and identify IT problems before they cause downtime and affect your end-users’ experience?

With Comtrade’s monitoring as a service you gain quick and easy access to a monitoring tool in the cloud.

We offer you a monitoring solution that can help you increase the agility and reliability of business-critical IT systems. Our monitoring as a service is an easy to use and reliable solution that lets you take advantage of the cloud’s flexibility while decreasing costs.

Ideal for businesses that:

Need to ensure high availability of IT services

Have IT infrastructure deployed across multiple locations

Operate in a hybrid environment (cloud and on premise)

Want to spend more of their time and budget on strategic IT projects

End-to-end monitoring

With our montiring tool in the cloud, you get a complete overview of the health and performance of your whole infrastructure: servers, applications, data bases, networking equipment...

Capacity planning

Monitor resource consumption and scale your IT infrastructure more effectively to meet future demands

Enterprise class service

Our solution helps both small and large enterprises montor and optimize their applications, systems and services, and minimize downtime.

Proactive IT monitoring

Discover and fix issues before they evolve into costly breakdowns to maintain productivity and drive customer experience.

Custom reports

We provide you with detailed reports to help you keep track of IT performance. It’s up to you to decide how often you want to receive reports (weekly, monthly etc). A centralized dashboard and multiple virtualization features allow you to get a unified view of performance metrics, events and other meaningful information.

360-degree view of IT

With a consilidated view of your IT environment, you gain valuable insights into the performance of all apps and products sourced from different vendors.