Build, run and manage applications using our Platform as a Service. Everything you need to get started is set up and ready to go.


We got your foundation covered. All you have to do is start building.

Our Platform as a Service (PaaS) offers you a production-ready cloud environment for building and deploying applications. We automate the configuration, deployment and ongoing management of applications in the cloud, so you can save time and resources and let your developers focus on what they do best – build software.

There is no need to invest in fixed, expensive resources like web servers, databases and software, that may end up being unused. With PaaS, you only pay for what you need, when you need it. Simple as that.

Ideal for businesses that:

Build and deploy applications quickly

Scale applications as their needs change

Improve productivity of its developers

Have access to certified cloud experts for technical support

Lower expenses

You don’t have to purchase expensive hardware and software, build and test security and set up the entire development platform from scratch. By “renting” Comtrade’s virtual cloud infrastructure, you gain access to a highly available and resilient platform that’s ready to be built on.

Scale as you need

With your applications running in the cloud, you can monitor, debug and make changes quickly and easily. If you are anticipating a sudden increase in web traffic, you can automatically scale applications to allocate capacity in line with your business needs.

Innovate faster

Skip all the tedious and time consuming stuff, like evaluating, buying, configuring and setting up the hardware and software needed for building customized applications. Get to coding right away and launch your apps faster than you can say “innovate”.

High availability and disaster recovery

With Comtrade’s PaaS service, you don’t have to worry about downtime. Our purpose built data centers with disaster locations and power, network and Internet redundancy guarantee high availability.