IT Service Management

Say goodbye to infrastructure costs, deployment, maintenance and costly upgrades. Choose ITSM as a Service and enjoy a scalable service with predictable monthly costs.


Rapidly implement in days, not months

Installing and deploying ITSM solutions on premise and upgrading to new versions can be costly and time consuming. Comtrade’ CA Service Desk Management ITSM tool delivered as a service relieves your IT staff of the burden of monitoring, managing and performing upgrades.

And we make it easy for you. Many ITSM tools can be quite complex to use, and in some cases extensive staff training is required. Our cloud service delivers an intuitive interface that your staff can easily learn and start using almost immediately.

Ideal for businesses that want to:

Free up their staff’s time
for more strategic IT projects

Improve IT support effectiveness

Simplify management of ITSM tool across the organization

Eliminate costs related to hardware and software upgrades

Easy deployment

To run ITSM tool in our cloud, you only need a web browser and an Internet connection. There are no clients or hardware to install. There is no need to allocate partner/vendor licences or perform installations and configurations, which can take weeks.

Significant cost savings

Purchase ITSM tool as a service and eliminate the need for additional servers, software licenses, vendor support and maintenance, application support and costly upgrades. By cutting out unnecessary expenses, you will be able to allocate more of your budget for more strategic IT projects.

Automatic updates

Upgrades can require complex reconfigurations, specialized expertise and valuable staff time. With your ITSM tool in the cloud, you won’t have to worry about any of that. All the latest tool features and capabilities will be installed automatically the minute they are available.

Centralized management

Using multiple applications, excel files and additional accessories and spending days on creating service management reports can be burdensome and time consuming for your IT staff. With just one ITSM tool that offers all the necessary functionalities in one place, you can drastically improve efficiency.

High reliability

Application glitches, vendor bugs, server failure and power outages are no longer your problem. You don’t need employees working around the clock to keep your ITSM system available at all times. Our state-of-the-art data centers with disaster locations and power, network and Internet redundancy, as well as strict SLAs ensure high availability.

Predictable IT budgeting

Experience the benefits of ITSM tool as a subscription-based service. With predictable costs every month, you will be able to better manage your IT budget and plan for long-term projects. You will also enjoy the flexibility of being able to scale the service as your business needs change. Buy and cancel additional licenses without worrying about long-term commitment or minimum purchase requirements.